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Our PVBX switch is as easy to set up as plugging in an RJ45 plug.

You can wire the campus using standard CAT5/6 cabling. Each cable will run directly from the PVBX rack in the media center to where ever you need a TV, camera, or both. Typical locations are classrooms, offices, hallways, cafeteria, and outside areas like parking lots or playgrounds. These lines are dedicated homerun lines and not part of a data network. You cannot use these lines with any switches, routers, or any other data networking equipment. These dedicated lines transport audio and video to TVs and from cameras and other media devices. They also provide power and PTZ control to cameras.

The PVBX switch would normally be installed in a rack in the media center. At the PVBX switch all the cable runs are punched down to a standard rack mounted patch panel. From the patch panel, short CAT6 cables connect directly to the PVBX switch. It is simple and fast to install.

At the PVBX you can also connect up to 48 infrared controlled media devices (DVD players, VCRs, cable or satellite boxes) all located on shelves in or near by the rack. Any Media devices that can be controlled by a infrared remote will work. All the existing DVD players and VCRs you already have can be used.

In the classroom, hallway, or office, CAT5/6 homeruns are terminated in a normal fashion with a wall plate. Each cable run can be a 1000 ft or longer. A standard patch panel connects the wall plate to a video modulator. These video modulator boxes provide jacks for audio and video out to a TV; and jacks for audio and video in, power, and PTZ control for cameras. A single CAT5/6 run is all that is needed to connect both a TV and camera at the same time. And because camera power is also delivered over the same cable no camera AC adapters are required.

The whole setup is simple, all the cabling, rack and modulators are covered by Erate funding and since the whole PVBX network is separate from the school network you can deliver real time uncompressed video to every connected classroom with absolutely no speed impact on the existing school network.

PBVX switches can be ordered in four sizes, with 32, 64, 96 or 128 connections; large enough for any campus. The PVBX can connect to standard security system color cameras which can be purchased for as little as $20 each; standard TVs, DVD players, VCRs available at all electronic outlets; and most cable or satellite tuner boxes.

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