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Eligible Items
The PVBX system, Video Modulators, Media converters, Codec, Cabling, Racks, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and any video component necissary to transport video to the class room are all fully eligible for E-Rate discounts.

Non-Eligible Items
End user equipment such as Cameras, VCRs, DVD Players, Monitors and similar hardware are not eligible. In most cases the schools already have most of these items. These are the less expensive parts of the system. Cameras range from $25 to $100, VCRs and DVD Players from $35, and TVs around $200.

These descriptions below come from the SLD Eligibility List posted on their web site.

A PVBX or Private Video Branch Exchange is a video PBX. The PVBX integrates the functionality of a PBX by providing video integrated into the switching matrix of the PVBX. The PVBX acts as a video distribution system linking classrooms and administration as well as traditional PBX methodologies. A PVBX follows the same eligibility requirements as a PBX in general, it is eligible for discount.

A CODEC (coder/decoder), also known as a video encoder, is a device comprising an encoder and decoder in the same equipment. The CODEC produces a coded output and compresses and decompresses audio and video signals.

Video Channel Modulator
A Video Channel Modulator is a distribution box which takes standard video and audio input from video cameras, recorders, security systems, satellite receivers, disk players and video games and distributes the signals to the end user. It is eligible for discount.

A rack is a metal supporting framework for mounting cables, equipment or wires. It is eligible if the supported equipment is eligible.

Power Strips
Power strips provide multiple electrical commercial AC power outlets and can serve as an electrical extension cord. They may also protect equipment against voltage spikes and electrical disturbances (surge protections). Power strips are electrical devices ineligible for discount. However, a rack-mounted or cabinet-mounted power strip/surge protector may be included on an ancillary basis as a part of an eligible component such as an eligible equipment rack.

Wire Manager
Wire Managers are wire restraints to house/arrange wiring and cabling. They can be aluminum or plastic and may be rack mountable. Wire Managers are eligible when used with eligible wiring/cabling.

Wiring, Internal
Internal wiring and related components that are eligible for discount include, but are not limited to: cable (copper/fiber/coax/twisted pair), bays, jacks, blocks, panels, and terminals necessary to transport information all the way to individual classrooms. Wiring that provides electrical service is not eligible.

Intercom System*
An Intercom System that is a stand-alone system, and not integral as a bundled component of a PBX, Centrex or key system, is not eligible for discount.

* In previous SLD Eligibilty list the PVBX was described as
"PVBX or Private Video Branch Exchange is a Video PBX or switch. Similar to an intercom/PA system. A PVBX links classrooms and offices through a switch matrix. Cameras, Monitors, VCRs and other video devices can all be interconnected."
The latest Eligibility list specifically singles out stand-alone Intercom systems as Non Eligible. The PVBX has one mode that is similar to a PBX intercom. The entire PVBX is bundled and can only be purchased one way. The station to station communication can be disabled.

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