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The PBVX switch is an Erate item for this funding year. Get up to a 90% discount by applying before the filing deadline. Your discount is set by the percentage of free and reduced lunches you provide. Cost for a complete system varies with the number of monitors, cameras and equipment you already own. Erate discounts apply to the PVBX switch, cabling, and rack.

See Table 1 for a complete list. Erate doesn't allow discounts on cameras, monitors, media devices or any of the items in Table 2. You probably already own most of these items.

Table 1 - Erate Eligible Items

Item Part No. Cost After 90% Discount Description
PVBX 32 PVBX-32 $39,500 $3,950 32 or 64 Inputs / 32 or 64 Outputs
Classroom and office PCs control the switch with intuitive Web based software.
Conect and control up to 16 infrared controled media devices (VCRs, DVD players, cable boxes, etc)
PVBX 64 PVBX-64 $54,900 $5,490
Video Codec VCODEC16 $6,950 $695 Sixteen channels can be digitized and transmitted to workstations on the schools network of over the internet. Upgrade to 64 channels.
Video Codec Upgrade VCODECUP $2495 $249 Upgrades Video Codec in 16 channel increments.
Video Modulator VMOD $295 $29 Video modulator located in every classroom connects CAT5/6 cable to classroom TV and camera.
Back up UPS   $250+ $25+ UPS available in different sizes
PVBX Rack   $1,000 $100 Free standing rack keeps everything neat and organized. It will hold multiple switches, the controller and 16 shelves for the media device bank.
Cabling   $200 ≈$20/run One CAT5/6 run for each classroom, office, and hallway in your system. We can supply cable that you pull or provide a complete turnkey solution.
Video Codec Cable Management Kit CODKIT $75 $7 16 RCA piggyback cables
Classroom / Office Cable Management Kit CLASSKIT $150 $15 50 - Dual RCA 6' Patch Cable, 50 - M/M RCA adapter
Support PVBXCONT $5000 $500 Support and software updates for one year.

Table 2 - Non Eligible Items

Component Cost Comments
27" TV Monitor $195 Any TV set with an RCA A/V input
Color Camera $20+ Color cameras with sound start at $20 and $100 for outdoor (waterproof) versions.
VCR / DVD $35+ Over 10,000 models of VCR and DVD can be controlled from a classroom or office PC with out a remote. You probably have enough VCRs already. They can now be centrally located.
Video Capture $95 Video Capture card converts standard video to digital format that can be viewed over theWeb. Requires a Pentium PC or Mac.
School Announcement $95 PC-TV converter like an Averkey, converts PC or Mac video output to standard TV format. Requires a Pentium PC or Mac.
Video Codec Storage $100 1TB hard drive for Video Codec. E-rate doesn't fund storage. Add a hard drive to record and playback.

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