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Stop moving media carts from classroom to classroom not only is it time consuming but also remote controls and copies of media content can disappear.

Now you can centrally locate all your media players and content and still let each classroom view and control the players. The sixteen-shelf rack that holds the PVBX and media players is typically located in the Library or Media Center.

Teachers and staff pick the media content they wish to view from a Web based Media Library. The librarian loads the media content from a pick list of selected content. DVDs, tapes, TV Programs and other content can be scheduled to play and controlled from the classroom. Optional ratings and passwords can limit viewing to approved audiences.

DVDs, VHS tapes and other media content can be viewed in any classroom or office the stop, play, pause, forward and rewind functions are controlled by the classroom PC without the need of a separate remote control. You can also use a smartphone to control the media devices from anywhere on a campus with wireless network coverage.

Sixteen media players can be controlled simultaneously any combination of VCRs, DVDs, Satellite Receivers, Cable Boxes etc. can be incorporated in the PVBX system. Thousands of media device control codes are available, plus the system has the ability to learn new control codes.

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