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The PVBX switch includes an embedded web server. School staff and teacher use and control the PVBX system by simply logging into a web page from any school PC. There is no software to load, the PVBX switch can even be controlled remotely via the Internet by again logging into a web page.

PVBX Controls

There are two databases; one for hardware connected to the switch, it's location, status and security clearance. The other contains users names, passwords and security levels. The PVBX has two engines one puts request in a queue, the other to execute requests out of the queue as they become current. PCs on the network communicate with the PVBX controller via an internal Web host. Requests can be one-time events such as connecting a hall camera to a monitor in the principles office. Or they can be repetitive events such as sending the output from all the parking lot cameras to a surveillance VCR every weekday between 4pm and 6pm.

Requests are entered in to the database two possible ways. Either by the system administrator as a scheduled requests for some time later. Or requests from teachers and other staff members for immediate action.

Security and Passwords

To use the system you must login to a network PC with a user name and password. There are five security levels.

  1. System Administrator: Has complete control to change and control all PVBX features
  2. Administrator: Has complete control over the PVBX switch and can over ride current connections, but cannot change the PVBX setup.
  3. Librarian: View and edit the Multimedia Pick list for upcoming VCR/DVDs to be viewed in classrooms and offices. Has all the rights of a teacher as well.
  4. Head Librarian. Additional rights to edit the VCR/DVD hardware setup matrix. This is used to take a VCR off line or change the make and model of a unit.
  5. Teacher: Can intercom anyone. Can only view public areas or private areas with permissions granted by the system administrator.

Users can login on any network PC. The PVBX keeps track of login locations for intercom use. The web page on each PC can be set for forced re-login after no activity time out. And automatic logouts at set times of the day. All logins and requests are saved to a history file for security and diagnostic use. In the event of a power failure, the PVBX restores connections to the last settings on power up.

System administrator Functions

PVBX Hardware Matrix setup.

  • Every input and output is defined
  • Name (South Playground, Classroom 102, Teachers Lounge)
  • Type of device, (Camera, VCR Monitor)
  • Which PVBX switch and port it is connected to (There can be up to 4 switches)
  • Public or Private (Private devices can not be viewed by teachers with out special security)

    PVBX User Matrix setup

  • Every User is defined
  • Login name
  • Password (stored in encrypted format)
  • Home Location (office or classroom name)
  • Security Level
  • Security clearance for additional devices.
  • Limit access by time of day

    PVBX Queue Maintenance:
    Scheduled and repetitive events are entered in the queue for future processing. Any camera, VCR, TV channel or other input can be connected to a monitor, VCR, or group of outputs. For example, all the hall and playground area cameras sequenced in turn to monitors in the Teachers Lounge, Principals Office and surveillance VCR every weekday during break periods.

    The system Administrator has access to view and clear the history file and run diagnostic utilities.

    Administrator Functions:

    This security level has complete control over the system with the exception of Hardware, user and queue maintenance. Administrators can view and control any input or output. This authority might be given to the Superintendent or Principal. They can look at any camera, VCR or TV channel and barge in on existing connections. Examples would be broadcasting a message to every monitor in the High School, or interrupting an Intercom between two users.

    Librarian Functions:

    Liberians have the security level of a teacher with Multimedia control. Teachers schedule VCR/DVD use on their Web page. They select the title, time and place they want the media played. This appears on a pick list of scheduled events at the Librarianís PC. The Librarian loads the media into an available player and checks the loaded box on the pick list. The media can be marked for general viewing, allowing other users to see the upcoming event, or exclusive viewing, for the targeted location as well as users with Administrator or higher security. The media can be marked for automatic start at a set time and automatic rewind at the end of the viewing period. Additional rights for the Head Librarian allow configuration of the VCR/DVD setup to add, remove and change players.

    Teacher Functions:

    Web based software allows Teachers to view cameras, VCR, TV Channels and other inputs. Choose upcoming scheduled events that meet their security clearance. Schedule Multimedia and Intercom other users.

    Multimedia requests are sent to the Librarian. When the player is available, a remote control icon appears on their web page. They have complete control of the player for the duration of the event. Selecting Intercom, displays a menu of current logged in users, their last login location and home location. The intercom session is initiated by beeping the PC of the person they want to call. The recipient can ignore the request, the caller gets a busy signal or select intercom and the connection is established. Special locations with monitors and cameras but not a PC can also be connected. The teacher can blank their screen, rather than turning the monitor off. Blanking the screen disables the current connection, but allows any future connection.

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