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PVBX Switch, Power Tray and CAT5 patch pannel 32x32 Non Blocking T Switch Matrix with Buffered inputs and outputs.

Any input can be connected independently to one, many or all outputs simultaneously. The complete matrix of switches can be configured in under 1mS. Individual switches much faster.

Individually Programmable Output gains of 1 or 2 for driving long lines.

High Impedance output Disable (40K at 12mhz)

0.1dB Gain Flatness to 12MHz

-62dB Cross talk, -110dB Isolation at 12Mhz

Input: 1vp-p. 75 ohm impedance video and 600 ohm impedance audio.

Output: 1 or 2 vp-p, set by buffer output gain. Will directly drive a 75 ohm reversed terminated video load or 600 ohm audio load.

16 IR outputs to control media device bank. Database stores infrared remote control codes for media devices, including VCRs, DVD players, satellite, audio and cable boxes. IR Learning input to add devices not in database.

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